Do you want to achieve return on investment from the first unit manufactured? Flexibly adapt your production to changes in the market? Our TCO experts will support you throughout the lifecycle of your production facilities, equipment, and accessories, while creating transparency and delivering savings in the core areas of your production. Whether it’s CNC machines, complex assembly lines, or work clothing, we cover all your assets in a single contract. Internationally, standardized, and non-captive.


Whether you operate in general industry, the automotive sector, or the food and beverage business, we have experience in your sector. Our sector experts know all about its typical processes, technologies, and characteristics. We will work with you to create a customized and budget-friendly one-stop solution for the management of your investments in production and machinery. To do this, we break down your production processes, identify potential savings, digitalize processes, and reduce costs permanently.

This provides a fully transparent overview of the cost structure of your production facilities, including service costs, the proportion of costs accounted for by spare parts and the overall return on your investment. As a non-captive provider, all equipment is the same in our customized business concepts, irrespective of the manufacturer. We are often able to achieve savings of over 15 percent, which may be one reason why our customer base includes the global market leaders in the automotive sector.


We offer a whole new level of flexibility, especially when it comes to financing your investments. Take long advance financing phases, for example. Mechanical engineering companies and tier 1 automotive suppliers will be familiar with the long periods between initial order and start of production, during which you incur high investment costs but generate zero revenue. We can cover this period for you through flexible solutions such as pay-per-part, whereby you pay only from the moment you start to generate revenue. Or to put it another way, you enjoy an ROI from the first unit manufactured.

This and similar solutions enable us to maintain a positive cash flow for you. Even when major investments in production machinery are imminent or external factors suddenly impact on production. And particularly when it comes to actively structuring and managing contracts.


Interview with Florian Orth, lifecycle expert at CHG-MERIDIAN. 

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A significant part of the added value we generate for our customers results from extensive process digitalization. We can help you to optimize your contracts system, for example, so that you can sign contracts digitally and in a legally binding way without having to pick up a pen or send paper copies.

We can reduce the number of interfaces, ensure information is shared seamlessly, and accelerate processes. Our technology and service management system TESMA® is key to this, as this is where all administrative and technical data is collated in real time.

One contract covers all assets internationally

robotic arm picking up vials and transporting them to another production line

From laser cutting and welding machinery to robots, autonomous vehicles, and cellular transport systems, an interlinked and automated production facility is highly complex. It will usually consist of a multitude of production equipment, often from a wide range of manufacturers. If you add international sites to the equation, then the administrative workload can multiply with the number of partners involved.

Our active and flexible contract management reduces complexity and improves your cost situation and your cost planning. We summarize opaque contract constructs for you across manufacturers and assets, from the CNC machine in the production hall to the water cooler in the break room. You get a single framework contract, with a uniform price level and predictable instalments.

Whether you are a global company, or are looking to expand internationally, for example in the Czech Republic, Mexico, or Australia, our contracts simply grow with you. Thanks to our network of international offices, we are always at your side.


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