Apr 8, 2021 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN joins the United Nations Global Compact

The international technology manager makes a clear commitment to responsible corporate governance. In March 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN signed the United Nations Global Compact and thus underlines its long-term commitment to sustainability.

Commitment to the ten sustainability principles

The fundamentals of the UN Global Compact are formulated in ten principles, which CHG-MERIDIAN promises to comply with by signing the document. These are based on four areas: compliance with human rights and with labour standards, environmental protection, and combating and preventing corruption. In the future, the company, which headquarters are located in Weingarten, Germany, will document its progress in these four areas in an annual report.

Next stage in CHG-MERIDIAN's commitment to sustainability

For CHG-MERIDIAN, joining the United Nations Global Compact represents an important step in its ambitious commitment to sustainability. The company has recently expanded this commitment considerably and will also publish its first sustainability report in 2021. In line with the holistic approach of the United Nations Global Compact, CHG-MERIDIAN's sustainability management covers environmental, social, and economic aspects in equal measure. In 2020, the Group established a sustainability governance structure headed by the newly created role of Group Sustainability Officer to bundle its sustainability management.

Company aims for ambitious targets

In addition to its business model, which has always been based on the principles of the Circular Economy, the company is also striving for ambitious goals in the areas of environmental protection, human and labour rights, supply chain and business ethics, and is consistently expanding its set of measures. As part of the United Nations Global Compact, CHG-MERIDIAN also aims to take the debate on sustainability beyond its own corporate boundaries and to contribute to its shaping by making use of its own expertise as an efficient technology manager.

About the initiative

More than 16,000 companies, research institutions, and business associations in over 160 countries are members of the United Nations Global Compact. This makes the Global Compact the largest sustainability initiative worldwide. In addition to the umbrella organization, there are also local networks in which the signatories can exchange ideas and get involved. The vision of the Global Compact is an inclusive and sustainable global economy – today and in the future.



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Jessica Behrens

Company Spokesperson